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Attic, Buddha-like composure, Oriental calm, abate, aesthetic, allay, appease, arrange, arrangement, array, artistic, asleep, at peace, at rest, ataraxia, ataraxy, awful silence, back-door, backstairs, backward, becalm, bloodless, brief, broken, brusque, calm, calm disposition, calm down, calm of mind, calmness, cease, cessation, chaste, chastened, choice, choke, choke off, clandestine, classic, cloistered, close, close-tongued, closemouthed, comfort, comfortable, compose, composed, composure, concise, concord, concordant, constrained, contemplation, cool, cool off, coolheaded, coolheadedness, coolness, countenance, covert, cradle, creamy, curt, dead, dead of night, deathlike silence, decrease, delicate, deploy, deployment, die down, disposal, dispose, disposition, domesticated, dormant, dovelike, dulcify, dumb, dumbfound, dwindle, dwindling, ease, easy mind, ebb, ebbing, echoless, economical of words, eggshell, even out, even-tenored, excellent, fall silent, feline, festal, fixed, flat, form, formation, furtive, gag, gentle, gloss, golden silence, grade, halcyon, halt, harmonize, harmony, hidlings, hierarchize, hole-and-corner, holiday, homely, housebroken, hugger-mugger, humble, hush, hush as death, hush of night, hush-hush, hushed, icy calm, idle, idyllic, impassive, imperturbability, imperturbation, in good taste, inactive, inactivity, inaudibility, inaudible, indisposed to talk, indisturbance, inert, iridescent, isolated, laconic, lamblike, law and order, lay out, layout, lessen, light, line up, lineup, lucid stillness, lull, marmoreal repose, marshal, marshaling, meek, mellow, mental composure, methodize, mild, molder, moldering, mollify, mother-of-pearl, motionless, mousy, muffle, mum, mute, muzzle, nacreous, nirvana, noiseless, noiselessness, normalize, of choice, of quality, opalescent, order, orderliness, orderly, organization, organize, pacific, pacify, pale, passive, pastel, pastoral, patinaed, peace, peace and quiet, peace of mind, peaceable, peaceful, peacefulness, peacetime, pearly, philosophic composure, philosophical, philosophicalness, philosophy, pipe down, piping, placid, placidity, placidness, plain, pleasing, pour balm into, privy, proportion, pure, put to silence, quell, quiesce, quiescence, quiescency, quiescent, quiet down, quiet life, quiet mind, quieten, quietism, quietness, quietude, rank, regularity, regularize, regulate, relaxation, repose, reposeful, reposing, reserved, rest, restful, restfulness, resting, restrained, retired, retiring, rock, rock to sleep, routine, routinize, sabbatical, sad, sangfroid, satori, secluded, semigloss, sequestered, sequestrated, serene, serenity, set up, settle, setup, sheltered, shifty, short, shrinking, shush, shut down on, shut up, silence, silent, silentness, silken repose, simple, skulking, sleep, sleepy, slinking, slinky, slumber, sly, smooth, smooth down, smooth over, smoothen, sneaking, sneaky, snug, sober, soft, soft-colored, soft-hued, soft-pedal, softened, solemn silence, somber, soothe, soothingness, soundless, soundlessness, sparing of words, speechless, squash, squelch, stabilize, standardize, stationary, steady, stealthy, stifle, still, still as death, stillish, stillness, stilly, stoic, stolid, stop, strike dumb, structure, subaudible, subdue, subdued, subside, subsiding, subtle, surreptitious, sweet, symmetry, system, systematize, tacitness, taciturn, taciturnity, tame, tamed, tasteful, tasty, temperate, termination, terse, throttle, tight-lipped, tomblike silence, tongue-tied, tranquil, tranquilize, tranquillity, unaffected, unagitated, unarticulated, unbuttoned ease, under-the-counter, under-the-table, undercover, underground, underhand, underhanded, understated, undisturbed, unexcited, unhearable, uniformity, unloquacious, unmoved, unmoving, unobtrusive, unperturbed, unpretentious, unpronounced, unruffled, unruffledness, unsounded, unstirring, untalkative, untroubled, unuttered, unvocalized, unvoiced, vacational, wane, waning, well-chosen, whisht, whist, wise passiveness, withdrawn, word-bound, wordless

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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